Claim Instagram Usernames!


I’m offering a service in which I can claim inactive Instagram usernames, please ensure you meet the criteria below:


The account needs to be inactive for 6+ months (no liking, logging in, posting, commenting, etc) However it’s very hard to tell when an account has been inactive for this little amount of time, so I recommend finding accounts that have no posts for a few years.

I can put the @ on a fresh account or in some cases directly on to an account of your choosing.

As for generic claims, I can do them under very limiting circumstances as well (and won’t charge you 8k+), but I need a very good placeholder. Please don’t even bother asking me about this if the account you want a generic claim on isn’t even verified.

Letter Requirements:

6 or more letters
if you want 5 or less I need an extremely good placeholder, that is verified.


I charge $1850 minimum currently. The price may fluctuate depending on the type of claim.

Thank you,

Luke Social

I think you are required to state a price or price range


im looking to purchase a username asap please pm me


@cxnagency might want to look at this.

Man you’re a rockstar thanks!

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Can you PM me? I have a few orders




Limit your bumps to once every 24 hours.

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Can you claim a username that is private account?

Yes, if it’s inactive.

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After a long break I am back and ready to go!