Closed Sold Elsewhere

Closed Sold Elsewhere

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How would a satire news site similar to do with your audience? Have you tried engaging with humor before? Any chance of getting some more insights screenshots or analyst permissions?

PM sent please respond

Thank you for listing on SWAPD.
Remember, if you happen to find a willing buyer/seller, please use our checkout system for the transaction. Part of what makes our community safe and unique is the oversight of each transaction, and we back this with our money back guarantee. Our staff members are here to ensure everything goes according to plan. We will not be responsible for any losses incurred by circumventing our checkout system.

For more information please visit: How to use SWAPD checkout system!
If you’re a new member, please go over our Terms of Service.

Thank you and good luck with sales!

I am interested, please send me the link

If still available please pm me.

Pm all

please PM. Highly interested in this.

Please pm url and insights - can purchase quickly. Many thanks

this is sold the payment terms are being worked out…

This isn’t sold until we say it is.

The seller said it was sold to me, it’s their page, not yours. However the ignorant way you’re talking to them in the private messages means they probably won’t want to sell it, and I can’t blame them. If you take 15%, at least act like you care.

I know one of the admins here, I’m going to have to ask him about why you’re such an ■■■■■■■ in private messages.

I apologize if I sounded rude, but:

  1. You keep going back and forward with the seller on who covers what and for how much. All these things are covered in our payment page.
  2. You kept asking if it’s possible to pay via wire and pay the seller via PayPal. Again, this is covered in our payment page.
  3. You started performing actual math on how much things would cost, despite the fact that all this is covered in our payment page.
  4. You asked how much are the fees, despite all this being covered on our payment page.
  5. You’ve asked for the PayPal fees from country to country, again, this was covered in the payment page we provided.

If you took the time to read what we provided, this would be avoided. Please understand that on our end we sometimes get angry, because of situations like this. The seller knows me very well, we have dealt on plenty of times, so you don’t have to worry, nothing will get canceled. I please ask you to actually read our payment page and TOS, and ONLY ask a question you didn’t find an answer to.


And one more thing, the seller never said it was sold to you. From the looks of it, the ticket is unresolved, as you didn’t agree to any payment terms yet. This is why I’ve said that this isn’t sold. When a property is sold, we mark it sold. Don’t post that it’s sold yet. The seller has every right to back out of the transaction, and you posting such things only scares away other buyers.

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By the way, for anyone wondering, this is the rude message the buyer is talking about:

Please understand, our staff gets into these “who pays what” conversations that prolong the tickets to 200 replies and hours of correspondence, all because the buyer/seller doesn’t feel like reading our rules and wants everything spoon fed. We will not do this, and it’s actually our new policy to close tickets on the first sign of apprehension. So, if you aren’t sure, don’t start a ticket until you are. This is why we have rules and this is why we have warning prompts. For the sake of things running smoothly, I please ask for all users to know our rules.

Also, the page is back up for sale. The buyer backed out of the deal.

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Please share url and details with me


This still available?

Closed Sold elsewhere