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1.2M Makeup Network Account Added

160K Fitness Account Added
200K Travel Account Sold

300K Barber Account Added
330K Barber Account Added

160K Food Account Added

220K Streetwear Account SOLD

140K Makeup Account Added
760K Makeup Account Added
250K Food Account Added
540K Food Account Added

130K Food account Sold

Something with 100K Women Fashion niche Og email ?

Not at the moment :frowning:

120K Barber Account Added
160K Fitness Account Added


May I have the updated LIST please. (Especially makeup, fashion, and food.)

Why isnt the original email included unless its a scam?

Not all accounts I sell have OG email, but a lot do have.

In a lot of cases the original email is lost, disabled, a personal email, etc. Which is why the og email isn’t included. I wish every seller knew the OG email was important, but most a lot of sellers don’t know. And some accounts have started years and years ago. People just forget about it and don’t include it when selling.

Buying through Swapd makes transactions safe. And if anything happens to the account for some reason, I will solve it :slight_smile:

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340K Babes Account SOLD

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Please share updated list and pricing.

List please

500K Fashion Account Sold
160K Fitness Account Sold

370K Food Account Added
490K Healthy Lifestyle Account Added

120K Food Instagram Account SOLD

LIST. Thanks!