Crypto NFT Discord/ TikTok / Twitter/ Telegram PR & Growth

dm me interested in twitter

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Services all availble

Twitter growth from CASH & Crypto giveaways $80

NFT Twitter growth ( 90% NFT profiles ) $299 per k, perfect for projects that care about the aesthetics of profiles following them

NFT Twitter Influencers, perfect for white list giveaway tweets, this network promoted invisible friends
$2K For List access, which will be used in promos ( this is for projects with a high budget )

NFT Instagram PROMOS : Stories & Feed posts

NFT CRYPTO Telegram promos :Contact me for pages

Telegram Growth from cash crypto giveaways ( high asian demo ) $250 per k

DISCORD Growth per k $550 ( min 2k ) FAST TAT!

DISCORD Targeted NFT Growth, from posts in 3000 NFT servers shill section $1250 per 1000 members ( slow tat )

NFT Tiktok influencer Video posts $999 per video ( 6 influencers available 400k NFT Audience )
video can be reposted over multiple profiles if its in paragraph format

Contact me anytime!

Also available NFT white list promo for high budget clients 6.5k ( check my other thread )
IG Giveaway growth + Tiktok ad growth ( 700k grown on swapd )
Onlyfans Twitter growth ( service provided by 100 plus models + multiple 0.01% OF Creators with 50/500k followers on twitter )

Offering package deals
Order discord and twitter growth , get 10% off .

updated rates , and lower mimumum for discord growth

Another ticket closed
Discord growth 10% off for next 3 clients

Adding massive list of IG TikTok NFT themepages and influencers over the weekend .


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Hello, can you help grow Twitter, Telegram and discord channel related to crypto gambling?

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Yes if you can give discord betting discord servers.
Tg I will check and let you know .

Twitter I’ll check as well.

But discord yes if there are enough sources


Updated bear market discounted prices !

ACTIVE + Many tickets delivered succesfully!

You do Tik tok and instagram growth?

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Yes both!
TikTok delivered 1 on site ( many off-site )
TikTok promo videos can be posted on crypto nft tiktokker pages as well.

And 25 + tickets on site closed for IG growth .
Have multiple growth methods and networks

Still available.:
Discord growth
Twitter growth
Premium NFT twitter growth
Youtube subscriber growth
Telegram growth
Tiktok ad growth
Instagram growth and shoutouts

40 + tickets closed on-site
1k + offsite