Custom Govt Contractor Email Service (.gov) | RARE

Account type: Rare Govt Contractor Email
Price: $500 including fees (will be higher if there is demand, get it while cheap)


I’m offering rare government contractor emails (.gov) under your desired name. Historically, people have been able to use these for Twitter Gov Verification (grey checkmark), Facebook & Twitter portal access for Govs, and more. This has worked for people in the past, it is NOT guaranteed that it will work for you. (I will provide a guide on how to potentially get Twitter Gov grey checkmark if you purchase this, but again it is not guaranteed, 50-75% chance it works.)

These are obtained 100% legally, and can send & receive emails.

If access is lost for whatever reason, I will replace free of charge.

Contact me if interested to get a list of available country .gov email domains.


  1. How long do these last? We like to say forever as long as you do nothing crazy like send bomb threats or something crazy.

  2. What happens if I get kicked off? You’re fine, just contact me & I’ll set you up with a new email * no charge *

  3. How often do you get stock in new countries? Usually, we only have a list of 3-4 countries available at a time, but I am actively attempting to get new countries, as I know people want certain countries.

  4. Can you EDR with the custom emails? They go through Facebook legal page, so yeah most of the time. However, I do not recommend using it for that.

  5. What can I get from an EDR request through Facebook legal page? Instagram/Facebook emails & phone numbers linked to the account.

  6. Do these work with Discord? No

  7. Do these work with Twitter? 50-75% of the time. (I have cases where it worked, and cases where it didn’t.)

  8. What can you I do with this? If that is something you ask, don’t waste your money. Ask a friend to help you understand, this product is sold to you under the impression you know what you’re doing.

  9. How can I submit an EDR request? Figure it out, not helping you with that. I just sell the emails to do it. I can provide the submission forms. But that’s it.


Interested can we get one?

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