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Quickly Remove Negative/Fake Google Reviews That Hurt Your Online Reputation!

All businesses heavily depend on Google reviews for establishing trust with potential customers. A single negative review can severely damage their online reputation, posing a significant threat to customer acquisition. These negative reviews can originate from malicious sources like competitors, trolls, or spammers, leaving business owners frustrated due to the lack of direct resolution options. I can provide a solution by safely removing any and all Google reviews using proprietary technology and expertise in internet law and policy, safeguarding businesses from the harm caused by fake reviews.

Why is this unique?

With unwavering assurance, I can confidently say that I am the sole provider in the market capable of guaranteeing swift turnarounds (0-7 business days) and a 100% success rate, all without requiring access to Google My Business (GMB). Unlike other online reputation management (ORM) agencies, I consistently deliver what they cannot. You can trust in avoiding disappointing outcomes, prolonged challenges, ongoing fees, refunds, or unfulfilled assurances when working with me – 100% guaranteed.

Pricing & Payment Options:

  • $800 per review (1-4) or $650 per review if purchasing in bulk (5+)

Note: All SWAPD fees are mandatory for every transaction and must be paid via USDT ERC20 or Bank Wire with strict, non-negotiable pricing. However, if you’re on a tight budget, please inform me, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs.

This high-demand service is perfect for reselling to clients across various niches, including: restaurants/cafes, retail, salons, spas, electricians, plumbers, contractors, cleaners, healthcare providers, hospitality, education, legal, finance, real estate, clothing, social media agencies, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a Google business listing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this censoring or silencing people’s opinion?

We advocate for fair reputations, asserting everyone’s right to request the removal of damaging online content. We believe that everyone has the freedom and ‘right’ to a fair reputation. Our goal is to simplify the process, eliminate the barriers and difficulties that are involved in removing content from the internet. Ultimately, we are not removing the content ourselves, the decision is in the hands of the platform that hosts the content. Our job is to facilitate this process.

How does all of this work/what's the process?

We have an in-house team of policy specialists, who have an in-depth understanding of internet law and each platform’s community guidelines / content policies.

In many cases there are clear violations within the published content of a negative review - however the difficulty lies in having the platform cooperate and moderate the content in question. It is our experience from removing thousands of defamatory / inappropriate reviews that we’ve developed a strategy to navigate review platforms content moderation processes effectively.

How is this service 100% guaranteed?

Our service offers a more advanced reporting process, escalated to a higher level of content moderation at Google - hence the results and respective fees, and without the need of having access to GMB. As per current correspondence, we are seeing >95% of reviews removed under this program, all completely removed within 7 days or less.

Will you contact the reviewer/publisher?

No, we do not directly contact individual publishers or reviewers of content. Platforms typically safeguard their information and the anonymity of reviewers. Our communication strictly adheres to platform policies, guidelines, and local laws, ensuring correspondence is solely with the platform, not the publisher or reviewer.

Will the publisher be notified of the content removal/review takedown?

In the majority of cases, the content publisher or reviewer will never receive notification regarding our efforts and correspondence with the platform to remove the content. We meticulously adhere to each platform’s distinct processes and procedures to mitigate such occurrences.

Why can't I do this myself? What are you doing that's different?

Removing harmful content from the internet across various online platforms is a challenging task, lacking a one-size-fits-all solution. Each platform has unique content policies, community guidelines, and terms of service. Large online publishers often shield themselves from liability, prioritizing content volume for traffic and revenue. Accessing algorithms and platform regulators can be formidable. Our team navigates these complexities by leveraging deep knowledge of platform policies and direct communication with internal departments, presenting robust legal arguments to remove offending content effectively.

Will the review(s) come back?

It is extremely rare for reviews to reappear, given our process. The publisher or ‘reviewer’ is never notified of any correspondence or outcomes with Google. In the extremely rare event of the identical review appears, we will attempt its deletion again at no additional charge

Is this illegal?

No. All of our dealings and services are completely legal and ethical, based upon violation of the platform’s community guidelines, content policies, terms of service or local laws and legislation. We do not hack or bribe to remove content.


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Simply send me direct URL(s) to the review(s) you need taken down, and let us do our magic :magic_wand:


Hello, i have a digital marketing agency, i may be interested by your service on a bigger scale, like removing hundred of reviews a month, my budget would be way way lower than 800$ by review, do u think we could figure something out?


Another review successfully removed & ticket closed :rocket:

100% success rate on these, all done within 7 days.

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Do you offer bulk removals? Like someone else mentioned above, I wam looking for a solution that can do a few hundred at once for an account.

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Yes, I can handle an unlimited amount.

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I can vouch for my G @Ryan. He deleted around 15 negative reviews from my GMB profile in just 7 days. Amazing guy :heart: :heart:

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Currently in multiple tickets, getting reviews removed as we speak.

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Man knows his stuff, highly recommended for reviews removals, just closed my ticket, will be back for more.

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Hello, I can help you remove negative review and write new reviews for you.

Taking on more cases! DM me direct URL’s to the reviews you need taken down and I’ll get them removed 100%! :rocket:

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Removed more for me. Thank you to this legend our business profile looks clean now.

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