Delete Negative Reviews on Google My Business / Google Places Profile - Service

Service type: Google negative Review deletion
Price: 80$ per review

Description: I can safely delete negative reviews on your Google My Business Profile. Price is per review. Bulk discount for 10 reviews+ possible.

NO ACCESS to GMB needed !

Duration: Takes between 10 days and a maximum of 30 days. (Currently 12 days)

Successrate is 100%.

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Need acces to GMB?

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No access to GMB needed. I just need the review and can start the magic.
thanks for the hint, I edited the start post and added that access is not needed.

Update: First onsite ticket started!

Promotional price to boost my service: 80 $

Bulk pricing possible (first ticket is about 15 reviews for example)

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Started ticket will update

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Bulk discount available. Just send me how many reviews you want to be removed.

Just closed another case offsite with 20 reviews. 100% of all reviews successful deleted.

I’d be interested if anyone here can vouch

Ditto on the above ^^
Can you share proof of service please @mhuha ?

Can you help with GMB verification also? Looking for that service.

Did you get the review removed?

Unfortunately not yet, has been almost 30 days


Seller inactive in our ticket; not sure what’s happening. Will post update if anything changes.

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I’m really interested to see if this service actually delivers for someone. However, I’m aware that even established companies like Removify struggle with removing reviews, so unless he has direct access to a Google representative, I remain skeptical.

Still no response from the seller. He opened a ticket and then disappeared on January 3rd.

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Bro is doing magic :magic_wand:

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Has anyone had success with this seller?