🜲 Diamond Club Member 🜲 Instagram Unbans / Verified Unbans / Generic claims

Been providing my services on Swapd since 2020. Happy to provide today the following services for Instagram & Facebook :

Instagram Unban
Instagram Generic claim

Providing on a separate thread claiming services Instagram generic username claims

Instagram unbans :

Starting at 1k+ for Instagram unbans

Can currently unban pretty much anything beside permanent/ deleted ban types for Instagram :

  • Impersonation / business impersonation
  • Tos / spam
  • Nudity
  • Violence
  • Copyright (not 100%)
  • Artificial
  • Under 13

Timeframe 0-10 days

Removal of impersonator accounts

Can remove personal impersonator accounts with Swapd agreement

Looking forward to work with you :handshake:


Willing to do first one free :v:t2:


I’m able to do other ban types (impersonation, artificial, nudity, violence) but they require more time




Ok I’ll do it

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Just messaged you.

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Hello i have 1 account disable can you recover it?

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Just unbanned a nudity off site took me less than one day. And i’m working on the free one here on site :eyes:

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you here?

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Can you get a multi copyright account disabled back?

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Hey i’m back. Found new ways to bypass rate limits + i’m now able to unban ANY ban type except copyright.

:warning: Yes i can unban permanent ban (certain conditions apply though) the ban needs to be recent like less than 9 months otherwise i’m not able.

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Taking orders :slightly_smiling_face:


Contacted you regarding a perma-ban.

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Opened 5 tickets on site today so far 3 perm and 2 nudity and 2 off site tos. Will keep you updated here :pray:


:crossed_fingers: * Waits Patiently * :smirk:


Update : just unbanned ome of the Tos off- site in 2 days :grin:

However i really need to get one back on site so i can get more trust here ^^ hopefully soon :handshake:


Update update :

Just unbanned his second Tos account in 3 days. Unfortunately still off site … none on site…

Bump, still doing unbans off site. Got one arti today after 21 days. Send your requests :grin:

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