DigitalOcean Account With $10,000


I’m selling a DigitalOcean account with $10,000 in credits ready to be spent on their services.

This may be useful for you if you’re a developer and/or if you’re constantly working within the technology area and need:

  • Droplets (General Purpose, CPU-Optimized, Memory-Optimized)
  • Kubernetes
  • Storage (Spaces Object, Spaces Content Delivery Network, Volumes Block, Local SSD)
  • Networking (Cloud Firewalls, Load Balancers, VPC, Floating IPs, DNS)
  • Databases (SQL, MySQL, Redis)
  • Developer Tools (API, Client Libraries, CLI, Terraform Provider, GitHub Actions)
  • Management Tools (Monitoring, Projects, Teams)


Accepting serious offers (I’m not really desperate, so I can wait for good offers).

Included services

Check the full list here:

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what number are you looking to get for it ? and is it registered to your business ?

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Hi @dilly, I’m willing to evaluate offers. The buyer will be able to change the account’s email address without any problems and it will remain in your possession.

Are these from the Hatch program and do they have an expiry?

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You can spend those $10,000 before November 19, 2020.

If it doesn’t sell hit me up and I’ll make an offer

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Still available!

Accepting offers today!

Pm me details

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I just sent you a PM!

Bumping this :money_mouth_face:


Evaluating offers today!

Get it today!


Still available


Unlisted until we know how you obtained this.

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Hi @Swapd, I remember I sent you a PM explaining it for the Google Cloud one, but I haven’t the chance to get that topic listed again, I’m not sure if you’ve read it. Thanks.