Direct access to twitter/Network of reps + Agency

Service type: Direct access to Twitter
Price: 33,000 + Fees


We are selling an agency’s access that has already been approved by Twitter and you will own a mailbox to speak as that agency exclusively. You can even create the email with your actual name so you will be speaking to Twitter as ‘you’. For an additional approval fee, we can even get your own agency approved.

You will get your personal Twitter rep, who can handle your requests. The Twitter rep will be dedicated to your company/agency so they will accept your requests and act on them fast. All requests take 48 hours although they tell you that it can take a week.
Verifications, username claims, account recoveries, ad issues - you can pretty much process any type of request.

Which categories?

All categories are accepted including crypto/ NFTs. Individuals and brands. I haven’t tried Only Fans related profiles but technically there is no restriction on it.

What kind of guidance will you get?

We will handhold you initially. Please do as we say to make sure you don’t lose your access. If the sale moves forward, a long list of instructions will be given. If needed, we can also have a call to discuss this.

There is no limit to the number of requests you can submit but they will stop responding to you if you abuse your access or act stupid. It is vital that you use this wisely. We will approve every buyer because we cannot risk our relationship with twitter


But you have not seen elon musk latest tweets? lol $8 a month for blue badge


I have and if someone has the access, they would know the details :slight_smile:


Please tell me, I wanna know :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Everyone will get verified lool


all the kids that bought here for more than 5k be like

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Not sure why this is coming on this thread. Not forcing anyone to buy it.

And again - inside information is different. Im not here to discuss Elons strategy. Here to sell unique access.


GLWS :fire:

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is it this or something else?

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You have Facebook portal ?