Donald Trump (DJT) Stock

up 50%+ on the merger this morning. Lots of people will be holding a bag on this one. Might be the worst company of all time, fundamentally.

Current price: $70
My EOD prediction (3/27): $42 or lower

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Opening day emotional bubble.
Market will correct it soon.

You guys think this will drop ?

How do i take a short on it ?

Yes 100%. Should be a $2 stock. However, I wouldn’t short it unless it hits $90-100. Too risky because Trump is king and it may rally based off him alone.

You can short it on E*Trade

Oh ok got it. Are you taking a short or what is your play on it bro @GOAT

Not sure. Maybe if it jumps to $90

Keep checking the candles and pay attention to the volume.
There will be invert signals.

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Trump social media company defies expectations in stock market debut

Down 21% today.