Dropshipping partner

Need a partner for a dropshipping website.

Your Skills:

  • make the website
  • make a logo
  • mainantance the website
  • SEO the website
  • search for suppliers and niche products

What do I do?

  • run facebook ads
  • run google ads
  • social account with 120k followers in the niche

What do you earn?

  • terms to be discussed
  • I expect 50 sales instantly just from my social account

If there is someone just wanting to make the website that’s fine as well.


I own a professional development agency, who have a great experience in the field of web and app development along with best seo tactics.

Drop a PM I do this off site be interested do on site

Pmed but no response. Still need someone

Still need someone

Lol, you don’t respond!

Didn’t see your msg sorry!

I PM you


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