Earn $30K in just 30 days, with Facebook Performance Bonus

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Today we are going to discuss about the performance bonus given by Facebook.


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What is performance bonus?


  • This is a bonus given by Facebook, it only invites small and medium type creators, bloggers & artists. Your bonus will be renewed until the program expires, and you will have the opportunity to earn $30K per month.

In which country is it eligible?


  • This bonus program is only available to creators in the USA for the time being. But you will get it invite if you use some basic method.

How do I get invited to the bonus program?


  • For this you must have a creator type page minimum 1 year old, and its niche/top country must be USA. As a result, your page has a 90% chance of getting invites

How do I achieve reach/engagement? For the bonus page?


  • Engagement & Reach are two very important bonuses for this. If you have your own facebook traffic (like 5M) then you will not need trouble and time to load $30K. And if you don’t have any own traffic (like facebook page/group) then you can work with group, page rent from market.

How to apply for bonus?.


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Good info. The program is available to more than USA tho. I’ve seen UK and AU invites, even know a few ppl with it from these countries.

Yes, bonus programme rule out in other’s country which pages ads on reels, adsbreak & livestream are on, but not eligible for all pages. just eligible for normal small artist & creators.

Last month i recive 2invites from Bangladesh, but my page niche/audience is from USA.

I have a page that got an AU invite up and running , AU info is entered and been getting paid for months. Its available to more than just USA but USA is the main country that get the invites…

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literally maybe is this rule out of world wide, i guess. not sure but bonus is not for permanent

Nice write up!

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Thank you @SWAPD :heart_eyes:

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Hi, I have one page on approved section, is just because I have in-stream ads active?