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Services provided

  1. IG Claims **Generic, Non Generic. Must be 6 months inactive for ethical reasons.
  2. IG Swaps
  3. IG Unbans
  4. IG Follower merges = Transfer your followers from a shadowbanned page, or for whatever reason, we can merge the followers onto a new account.

*** If you have a current username and want that username transferred to a specific account, we can do that.**
*** If you want to claim usernames, we can do that = From 1L+.**
*** If you want to transfer followers from account A to account B, we can do that. **
*** If you got banned, and need unban, we can do that.**

Can’t claim perma banned accounts

ALL cases depends on difficulty and is case-by-case.

Username claims starting from $999.

DM Case with complete info (don’t just send a question, kindly send case with full information in order for us to review and help you faster) & we’ll come back with TAT and price.

TAT can also be expedited for difficult claims using our Express Claim service.

Please check your DMs, haven’t heard back regarding your services…


Sorry delay