Enable Instant Article & ADBreak Again From Reach "0"


Service type: Facebook Reach Enabled
Price: $1500

Description: Is your facebook page banned “reach 0” from instant article and adbreak since the last facebook update? Don’t wait for a facebook miracle.
I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy who can enable again the reach on your facebook page and instant article.

Price?: From $400 to $1500 depends on the facebook page likes

Eg: <50.000 - 99.999 = $400
<99.999 - 199.999 = $1000
<199.999 - = $1500

ETF: 3 to 7 days
Is the service secure? Will my page be unpublished or deleted?: Not in a million years

What guarantee i have that my page will be monetize again and i have the same reach as before?: 99% but will leave the 1% in Gods Hands and Facebook

Is it safe to give this guy admin on my beloved page?: HELL NO! But what the heck, the page is dead already, why not try!

Happy Swapd Everyone




your price is extremly high first of all , and even you say is it safe to give admin HELL NO ? then what this thread is doing here ? , admins should remove this thread instant , after you admit that you can lose a page doing this.


I don’t think he said that.

There are services out there that require the buyer to add the service seller as an Admin on the page. Simply add the page to your business manager first.



That isn’t in reference to the safety of the actual page. It’s referring to the fact that you’re adding a random person to your page as Admin.


no issue for me , hope nothing bad happens , k


my prices are not high if you had a page that was earning $2000 $3000 a month. LOL.
Plus prices are negotiable, i just gave a reference to the amounts a page will fit.




up for reach again

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