Exclusive - Crypto Marketing

I’m the founder of Based Media, a marketing agency with a focus on boosting projects with potential to the next level.

We have access to a selection of Celebrities (including Lil Xan, SouljaBoy and others who are untouched by the crypto-sphere), all with large followings, who will provide: Instagram posts/stories, Twitter posts, Telegram shills.

We also provide other services such as:

1. Dextools Trending

2. CMC/CG Fast Track Listing

3. TrustWallet - Price + Logo Appearing

4. CMC & Crypto.com Trending

5. Crypto Twitter Influencers

Unlike many other agencies (scammers) that may messaged you, we can verify our services and legitimacy with numerous other project leads. We’ve pushed projects to 20M+ market cap with our services!



Very interested in this! What’s the price for this service? I own a big crypto network with 24k+ followers.

Interested in this also! PM sent! Waiting Reply.

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I messaged you back.

Didnt receive any message


Hi, very interested please pm price.