Expect significant slowdowns in customer support in the upcoming 2-3 weeks

Hello, SWAPD’sters!

Just wanted to give everyone a fair warning. Due to a set of circumstances, most of our admins will have limited time during the next 2-3 weeks. This doesn’t mean that we will be gone, this just means that your support ticket reply times may, in fact, take a couple of hours per reply, vs. the average of 15-30 minutes we currently have. Even with @Jason back on board, you can expect to see delays. He has been away for a while and needs to learn our new policies. This planned delay has nothing to do with the website, we aren’t experiencing problems, and everything is fine. It’s just that some of us are going on vacation, some of us are going to college, and some of us have other projects to work on.

This will undoubtedly slow down our response times, so please be aware of that. Everything should come back to normal in 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for reading and thank you for using SWAPD!


I can help

Admin training takes a while, and another thing, you’re @Yair.

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i nominate myself for admin training :partying_face:

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I had so many tickets. I think Im already qualified.


Can I come on the vacation


Where we going first.

I am going to France this weekend, and next month to Madagascar. @MeG may go to Croatia/Albania or Italy, she doesn’t know yet. You down? :smiley:


Catch me in Madagascar, then maybe Croatia, as I heard the freelance / digital world is pretty fucking awesome in Croatia

With the exception of pebble filled beaches, everything else is superb in Croatia. From views/water/people/food.

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You trying to sell me hard to go away with Meg, but I’m unsure who’s going to be a better partner in crime

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Youre going to France before Israel? What a shame.

Israel doesn’t have Disneyland, and that’s what my wife wants. Happy wife, happy life.


@Jason welcome back buddy


Thanks :slight_smile:

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