Facebook Ads Account for RENT - Discount 50% for 2 time topup

It’s time to forget about Facebook ad account problems

I provide Facebook advertising accounts for rent with the commitment

-No setup fee , no hidden fee , only charge fee in spend

-All thing will setup in my side, you don’t need provide any thing more( Just come and make ads )

-Only send money after check my ads acc and want to work with my ads acc

-Have supporter help you fix problem of ads acc 24/7

-Ads acc setup in VPS or Ads Power to easy use and me can fix error of ads acc easy

-Money will refund when client want stop work with my services


  • BONUS VPS ( clean proxy)

  • BONUS profile ( change when profile restric )

  • Ads Account for rent with hight spend limit daily ( change new when ban free)

  • Credit Crad avalable in ads acc


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Thanks. So we can input our own cards, and then every certain amount of time you will just send a charge for 10%? Or how does the process actually work for 1) ad payments and 2) paying you?

Can you send your tg for fast response?

I would just for easier communication, but they won’t allow it on Swapd, will ban our accounts. So, needs to go through here.


  1. Are these actually agency accounts? - Yes these are created with our Agency that is partnered with Google/META/TikTok and more. We have direct access to some of the strongest ad accounts (Super fast ad approval rates, same day approval) with high spending power.

  2. How do we recharge the account? - You can recharge via Crypto or Wise and we can get it in your account within 2-3 business days(wise).

  3. Can I run blackhat/greyhat offers on these agency accounts? - YES, we cater to this market specifically, we are looking for high volume blackhat advertisers who need to spend big and need strong agency ad accounts.

  4. What niches work with these agency accounts? - We see great success with casino, crypto, ecommerce, nutra and affiliate marketing niches but all niches work!

  5. How do we add funds to the advertising agency account? - You will send us a Wise transfer or crypto and we will begin the process of depositing the funds in your agency account asap, minus our 10% top up fee. Funds usually arrive in the agency account 2-3 business days after you send it, enabling you to start your ads quickly.

  6. Do you offer refunds? - In the case your account does not get any clicks or impressions (rare) we will give you a full refund on the monthly rental fee.

Does it support the gambling industry, and can it handle more than $300,000 in daily spending in Brazil?

You can run any types of ads