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guys , did anybody notice that facebook IA Video Header is not working anymore , video auto play on new feeds from mobile ? on most of the phones , even unilad now post all the link direct to there websites , did anyone face this ?

Public Blog isn’t a place for vague questions.

Ok remove it then np

Latest news on video cover on IA:

Thanks for reaching out. We are temporarily disabling Instant Articles video link covers while we assess the feature’s impact on app performance and consumer experience. In the meantime, IA link covers will render as images. This will affect all users across iOS and Android. We hope to make the feature available again in the near future once we conclude our testing.
Please let us know if you have any questions.


Media Operation

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yea , and now its back again

Is anyone having this issue still? I just noticed on all of my Instant Articles posts that the video header is no longer working.

Yes, everyone is facing this.
It’s like this since October 3, it worked only randomly for some users on some mobile devices on random pages.

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they don’t wanna give exact answer about this situation , i don’t know why , they even ignore the media support emails

still no update ;/