Facebook/Instagram Verification [FAST, with MEDIA PORTAL]

Service type: Facebook/Instagram Verification Service:white_check_mark:
Instagram Personal Profile: 2500$
Instagram Business Profile: 3200$
Facebook Profile: 2000$
Facebook Business Page: 2300$

Description: Good news for everyone!

Now I decided to provide verification service. I am a media partner and I asked myself why I did not provide users with a verification badge service with my amazing username service, and that looked ridiculous to me and now I decided to give you verification service.

He asked me if I could request a verification because he knew I was a media partner from the Swapd community and I tried my luck and the result was incredibly just a verification badge only 7 hours!

Let’s give this service to everyone!

• Link to account to be verified (IG / FB)

• Facebook page or website url of the person that needs to be verified.

• Link to other social media accounts (Twitter/FB/IG/Etc.)

• Wikipedia (Not required. but it increases your chances of verification extra.)

• News Links (Indian news sites are not valid.)

• Picture of a government-issued ID to the person who needs to be verified.

• Why should this account be verified?

What should I consider when sending a message?: create a pdf file and add why the account should be verified, all articles and press, the account to be requested and as much information as possible, save this file and send it to me. Remember, after 28 August 2018, the Media operations team requests a government-issued ID. (For brands, company documents)

Process time?: I currently give an average of 24-72 hours.

Payment method?: Currently I only accept bitcoin.

Let’s guys do this job!


Bunny :grin: i have contacted you 3 days ago can you check your messages !

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It’s amazing

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Pricing looks really good , do you plan to offer PR + Verification in future ?


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Whats the requiremenrs for Instagram business verification we are an online brand with no trademark

Sorry, the requirements are not enough. Only celebrity company or goverment accounts for business.

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Very competitive pricing! GLWS @bunny

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Thank you boss!


I verified the first transaction just 12 hours :slight_smile: Can you verify? @kyreeh21


Yes I can 100% verify, that was quick!!! I totally recommend @bunny

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Do you offer press service?

Same question im in if your provide PR

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I don’t provide PR service.

I don’t provide PR service sorry.

check your pm please

Can you verify any account?

Lol have to say ur post is hilarious :grin: glws

I don’t care if it’s funny, get the wave elsewhere man. The service I provide is the best price and the fastest transaction :slight_smile: