Facebook is unpublishing pages again

Today I got all my pages unpublished, another friend of mine too. I think a wave is started.


What categories were your pages in?
What type of content you were posting?

Different categories,was posting pictures,videos,links,ads

My page of 4 years with 350k likes got unpublished today for no reason. All posts were removed due to zero reach ban and wasn’t posting anything. What’s going on?

I think its another wave

Also profiles are getting locked left and right, even relatives accounts that never dealt with pages or something on FB, just regular users.

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Lets hope is a bug from new facebook updates

Did you find any solution? i also have 10 Unpublished Pages :frowning:

I appealed in one of them.Still no answer from facebook.

Same for me :frowning:

Start working on new pages,forget them.

Facebook page has been published today. It took 13 days, there was no reply to Facebook appeal to actual case. But it came back with zero reach ban until May 10

Good for you.I got my profiles disabled and cant see if the pages was republished.

Damn, how many profiles did you even have? I lost my page once when FB disabled my personal with my fake profile. Took so much to get it back

Was admin with my personal profile and 4 other profiles

i lost 3 within a week. and i was 100 percent i did nothing wrong. i appealed i got rejected. then they suddenly republished two. still 3rd is unpublished. i am hopeful about that also.