Facebook Journalist Registration Cheapest on Swapd

Service type: Facebook Journalist Registration
Price: 700$ including fee
Turn Around Time: Very Quick…Max 1 week. Mostly within 1 or 2 working days.

Description: I can only provide service who are eligible under this criteria:

You live in any of the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, India

You are not currently a candidate for political office, a campaign staffer working for a candidate for political office, or a government employee.

Country is very important in this case because facebook offers journalist registration in some specific countries not all


Safety and Protection measures
Stronger security measures that protect your Facebook and Instagram profiles against harassment and potential hacking threats.

Blue Badge Verification
Let people know your Facebook account has been verified.
You will get special url for registered journalists to apply for blue verification. You need to put same bylines you used during registration to apply for facebook profile verification

Verification is not guranteed but it will increase your chances and if you are active on facebook then you may get verified.
Note: Verification is not guranteed. Only Journalists Registration is guranteed. If we fails in registration we will provide full refund.

CrowdTangle Search
Get greater insights into public content across social media.

Updates on special features
Be notified about new features for journalists as they are being released.

And more chances of getting your linked instagram account verified.


Check PM

I already have this, but they keep denying my application for Blue Check on my profile even though I have it on my page.

It depends on various factors

like? I am already verified on my facebook page, why deny my facebook profile? I’m also verified on twitter.

Ask mark zukerbug not me


I’ll pass

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Because you can’t have both verified “legally” on Facebook. There are ways around it and any Facebook verification seller on here can probably help you.


@zxprmedia amazing service, GLWS!

I know people who have both

What did I say? Never said it’s impossible. Good luck I’m out :wave:

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Sometimes you can get verification for both, but after a while FB will remove them.

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A question how come its help i mean suppose my client is not from politics and if you get this done and how will this help in order to get him verified on facebook

i mean what things you will done in journalist registration

Please explain here in PM

Thank you

If your client is a politician I don’t suggest to get this as it’s already preety easy for policitions to get verified

client are not Politicians what why i asked you sir