Facebook page reach solution

Hello ! I have a large animals related page and my reach dropped 95% in 1 week. I spoke with support and they said that everything is fine and sent me links on how to boost post…Does any one know how to solve this? Willing to pay, thanks.


I am currently going through this! I have a baby page with over 2.9M fans and my post reach dropped so bad!! 95% too.

Since when?

It’s been 7 days now

Check if you are able to share your posts or there is some issue in sharing ?

There is no issue. I can share my older posts and posts from other pages

I boosted some posts and I got good engagements on them but my organic post reach is still down, I literally went from 5K - 10K likes on a post to 60 - 80 likes on my current posts. I also checked maybe my account was blocked from Facebook newsfeed but No https://m.facebook.com/help/contact/349130238842860?_rdc=1&_rdr

It’s been 9 days now.

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