Facebook pages NL network - €3000+ stabile monthly income (average €5k)

Country of followers (majority): the Netherlands (NL)
Amount of followers: 380k likes (23 pages - 10 pages above 10k+ likes).
Topic/Niche: Giveaways
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic / viral

Description: I use the pages for lead generation. I post giveaways on the pages (copy paste) and use the organic reach to go viral. We use messenger chatbot to get traffic to the landingspages.

It’s making between €3000 and €6000 a month stabile. Sometimes even higher, but not often (highest 10k+). It can be possible when a few giveaways go viral. Pages are active between 2018 and 2021. All pages are active!

I won’t share the pages with everybody. Because it’s quite unique for such a small country. It depends on your status / experience. You can confirm the income with the affiliate network. I will share all the details and full method with you also.

Price: €8000. 6k upfront, 2k when made xxxx back with lead generation (we can make a deal about it, no problem). I take bank wire only.

Likes from biggest page:

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First offers are in. But still available.

Last month revenue: €3118. All proof available.

I will take €5500 one time payment. First one that comes, can get it!

Looking for a fast deal. Since we can’t manage the pages, because we don’t have time…

Need more details please. How many hrs on average do i need to put into work on those pages to generate that money a month?

Where is the revenue proof?

30 minutes a day

Check private message

Still for sale.

Proof of revenue please

As well as more information, very interested.

Still for sale. Won’t be sold lower than €7500 anymore.

Latest revenue


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