Facebook Quotes page, more than 200k likes, very active and growing fast, is available for sale. Please contact or leave msg only if interested. Majority audience are from UK,USA & Europe

Property type: Facebook Quotes Page
Amount of fans/followers: More than 200k
Country of followers (majority): UK,USA, EUROPE
Topic/Niche: QUOTES
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: NO
Price: Offer me your best price


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PM URL and insights please.

Hello, please PM URL and stats. Thank you!

pm url -and stats -thanks!

Please PM with link and insights. Im interested. Thanks

Please pm url and insights

Please send url and insights

Please pm url and insights

Beware of this seller. He will not share basic information about the page so there is something wrong with it for sure.

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Seller, please share insights with buyers. Otherwise we will shutdown the listing. Thank you!

Do whatever you wish, and you know this very well that I do share the required details, as I have with you. I am not here to entertain people by sending day wise, weak wise, month wise zone wise and language wise details. If it is like that be happy with your ways to proceed

It is normal that buyers ask for more details. This will help them make a decision.

As a seller, you wish to find a buyer, don’t you?

For the record, you did share insights with me.

Thank you so very much Vincent. Now can you please make sure, being as a moderator here , that people who jump to any thread and pretend to be a buyer, while they have least interest or potential to buy anything are restricted to even comment, and if they haven’t purchased anything since joining this site and should get warning for writing false and wrong about anyone out here. Because your previous comment was based on a feedback by some one who thinks he can buy. So what if a genuine buyer thinks the same? Please keep these people in limits , you might ban me from this page but if i am here as i seller , i surely will share things which are required to sell, its understood. And just because someone says that i don’t share doesn’t make any sense, for that post to get approved and then you giving me a warning for the same.
Not justified at all and especially when you know that i do share

We have new users coming to SWAPD every day. We cannot restrict users based on their purchase record. Every user is a potential buyer/seller. And don’t forget, you are new too. But you don’t want to have any restriction, do you?

As for the comments. I was just giving you a warning, and I have clarified that you did share insights with me. I believe, there is no buyer can’t see that.

price and insights please

Seller will not share the REACH by country. That is the only way to value this page. I suspect the US followers are not active.


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