Facebook Video Ad Breaks - Crossposting


Hey guys,

I was just wondering if I’ve got a page that has Ad Breaks on the page videos.

I know that if I share the video post to other facebook pages or groups or individual accounts the Ad’s will show in the video.

My question is if I crossposted the video that has Ad Breaks to another page and that page uses the video in a post.

Will the Ads still show up ?



Yes ads will show up and all the revenue will goes to you


I think you are getting it wrong a bit, as if you own a video with ad breaks and I crosspost it on my page that has ad breaks too, The revenue earned will go to You. not me. I have tried it with a few pages and the revenue goes to them.


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The ads will show in any page, group, profile even if monetized.


If I cross post a video from a monetized page (ad break enabled) to a page that isn’t ad breaks enabled, will the ads show up?
I tried doing it but wasn’t getting any revenue from the videos. SO just wanted to check with you guys.


Nop, Ads will only show if you crosspost it to a page which already have ad breaks.


It looks like FB changed this because I am not seeing any ads in the (add-approved) videos I cross post. And yes, I cross posted the videos on pages that are ad-break enabled. Also, most of the videos I posted on other pages through paid sharing, didn’t show ads neither. It’s one of those weird things were it just seems FB hates to see you make any money…