Fanpage Management History (Admin history) - Things will get a lot tougher for Facebook Fanpage scammers

From AdWeek:

"Facebook quietly added a new way for page administrators to police each other.
The social network added a Page Management History option to the left column of its page settings.

Page Management History displays actions taken by page admins including added and removed admins, changes to rolls, changes to page settings and admins who added, removed or left groups.

Facebook said in a Help Center post that information in Page Management History only goes back to last Nov. 1."

I’ve just spotted this feature now, and oh my lord, I wonder how many “I was the original admin” stories we will disprove now. How many “I purchased it from the original owner” claims can now be actually verified? The only problem I see is that the data currently goes back to November 1st, 2019. But still, new pages and any page beyond that date will be basically impossible to lie about (the origins). How cool is that? All we will have to do is just scroll down to the bottom of the new feature and see who owned that particular page :slight_smile:

How to access the Fanpage Management (admin) history?

  • Go to your page.
  • Click settings.
  • Scroll down and on the left-hand side click Page Management History (as seen below)

Or, just edit this link and visit it:

Wait, there is more!

The new feature isn’t limited to what admin was added or removed. The Fanpage Admin History tool shows things like:

  • Adding or removing any staff.
  • Change of settings.
  • Change of bio/about.
  • Misc actions.

Basically, you have the page’s ownership history on a platter. I apologize for posting this in spotlight discussions right away, but I am fairly sure people who dabble in Fanpages need to see this. This may change the way how we do business, or at least how we audit properties (audits may take longer now since we may have to contact previous owners).


Scammers who have Fanpages listed on SWAPD right now:




@SWAPD, please close this listing, sold offsite.

^^^ In 3…2…1…


Imagine having a Facebook page in 2020

I was saying the same thing to @Alpha the other day. Last year they were our #1 seller. This year? For last month, they were the 9th most searched thing on SWAPD. Instagram was #1, YouTube #2, and believe it or not, TikTok was #3.

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admin pls delete listing, sold offsite
3 mins later > admin pls close hurry its urgent
11 mins later > admin pls delete also delete my account i no longer need swapd
20 mins later > admin delete or legal action will be taken
40 mins later >


This doesn’t happen a lot, but I have to say it: Nice job Facebook!

In other news, Fanpage sales have slumped by 80% on SWAPD.

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Usually, my posts nab a few likes especially if they’re important. This one? Has one. And it’s from @Alpha :smiley: Does no one like this news except me? :smiley:

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Thats cause you’re the only one who has a FB page you old nub




i am happy for this but i hope they will also inform about why the **** they unpub or delete pages. :joy::joy::man_shrugging:

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i also Liked it before reading this comment :joy::joy::joy: FanBoi2 :joy:

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Lmao… Sharp Sharp

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Don’t you get it?