Fashion Fanpage All Premium USA, AU, CA, UK 92K Grey Verified 84% Women

Country of followers (majority): All premium USA over 50K, then Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada
Amount of followers: 92K
Topic/Niche: Fashion, Clothes
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):
All organic fan page
Description: Selling a Fashion fan page, very high activity, all organic and grey verified.
84% Women


(Page posts on November-December)

Please send the link

Sorry you are asking for all the links and after that not responding. Won’t send you any link of my properties.

Erm… OK? You didn’t ask me a question? I haven’t responded because I either a) don’t want it or b) haven’t got round to analysing it. If you specifically ask me if I want it or not I will tell you straight and I’ve never not replied to a question directly

Please send info link and any other info, I am interested depending on the type of fashion. What is the reason you are selling? Thanks

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Would like to see the property if possible. Thanks in advance

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It is still available.
Price is : 1400$ won’t go lower.
Last offer is 1200$.
Accepted payment method is: Transferwise, Crypto.


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