Fastest, Guaranteed, Cheapest Twitter Verification Service | $4500 Including Swapd Fees!

Service type: Twitter verification

Starting price for personal accounts: $4500 including swapd fees
Starting price for businesses/organizations accounts: $6250 including swapd fees

Description: I’m offering the fastest, most reliable and highest rate of succession twitter verification service. Simple, easy and straight forward just message me your profile and articles. Once I take a look, I’ll let you know whether you’re eligible or not.

100% success rate, if I tell you I can do it that means I can do it no long talk.

Completion time is less than 30 minutes after submission but in rare cases can take up to 24 hours
( Never happened before )
Nobody offering this here can do it as quick and effective as me.

I am not using a media portal like everyone else. There’s no comparison with my service and others
I do NOT need access to your account.


Active user on twitter.
You must have at least 4 articles on high end websites.

Turn around time: 24 hours maximum.

I can do more as long as the $ is right :wink:

Payment method: BTC, ETH and USDT


I can vouch that this indeed is the fast verification on site


One of the few real deals out here.


Come and get verified🙂

This listing is now a paid pinned topic. Thank you and good luck with sales!


I can guarantee you nobody can provide this service as good as me🙂

What are you waiting for? Come get verified on twitter

3 done today off-site

He got the profile verified within 6 hours!
$4500 only, while others quoted me 7000$ to 15,000$

I can vouch for this guy!

Thank you so much, @immortal

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Available and ready to take more :slight_smile:

Request done yesterday in under 30 minutes. Hit me up if you’re interested

Individuals, organizations and resellers this is THE best service you can use to get your twitter verified.

100% success rate. Even if you get rejected, I can take things further ahead and to insure you get verified.
Quickest turn around time (In minutes, don’t believe? Try me)
Safest possible way of submission (Literally)
Best prices although my service is nothing compared to others anywhere

I can also do generic username so what are
you waiting for? Come use the best twitter services ever

5 requests completed within 4 hours
3 of which where on-site.

Check pm

Ready for more requests!

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Always available and ready!