FB Instant Articles Monetization

Hi everyone, i am seeking your expertise regarding instant articles. I managed to activate the recirculation ads. However, i am a bit unclear about how to activate the other ads. Do i really need to add the code manually to each and every article? Is there no way to activate ads for all articles at the same time? It would take a long time to copy and paste the ad code to all my articles.

Any help would be appreciated.

They should be added automatically. You should assign the placement ID to the app if I remember correctly. Do you use word press?

Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, i am using wordpress but i am trying to avoid the plugin.

Where am I adding the code?

The recirculation ads were easy to activate for all articles at the same time but with the other ad placements it seems i need to add the code manually for each article. Am i missing something?

Here’s what I found:
Create a placement ID:

Go to My Apps and choose the app you want to add Audience Network to, and then go to Audience Network in your app dashboard.
In Audience Network, go to Placements and click Create Ad Placement.
Enter a Name for the placement and select Banner as the Display Format.
Click Save.
Reporting is tied to a placement ID. Please make sure to use different placements if you care to track reporting by unique ad locations in Instant Articles.

You will find the option to click “Get Code” to generate your JavaScript tag.

Thank you very much Arij for your help. I created the placement ID already and was able to retrieve the Javascript tag but how can I add the tag to all articles at the same time. I am trying to avoid having to add the tag to all articles manually. Maybe i am just blind and dont get it :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I think you would need the plugin to add that automatically. in the WP plugin settings it’ll ask you about your placement ID.

Thanks a lot for that. Probably there is no other way…not sure if i will do it given all the negative reports about it.

You can manually place adds without having plugin

Thanks but thats exactly what i was trying to solve. Adding manually on each article takes too much time. I removed FB IA yesterday from all my websites. Since i use a lot of Affiliate links and has issues with them as well (buttons being removed) this costs me revenue.