FB Page Monetization, Boost Your FB Revenue

Hi all,

I’ll keep this topic simple :smiley:

PM me if you want to work with Watch channel and/or IA platform.

You must have a decent tier1 page with at least 70% US, UK, AU, CA audiences.

Let’s get the revenue back online!!



PM sent.

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Please send info, my page is 675k+ in the mom niche.

We could give it a try.
What’s the sign up process and do you have some example videos on other pages I could have a look at?
Our page in general gets very high video engagement, as a general rule.
I’ll be happy to hear from you again.

hi i am interested i have pages of 1 tier ( cats ) and lot of groups ( high reach :wink: )

I’ve got 10-12 pages all categories no dead ones smallest is 32k whats the deal?

Interested. 728k page

interested. I have a page 256k, health niche