FB - Your Account Is Temporarily Locked - Help

Hey, everyone, I am seeking some advice with a weird issue I have with FB.

I recently got the ’ Your Account Is Temporarily Locked’ thing on facebook as you can see in the image below.

So the issue is, it will not allow me to complete the steps. On mobile that is what it looks like and I can do the verification steps like, verify pictures or verify your comments. However, once I get to the end of it, it will never let me continue, I click the button and it just spins and then after a few minutes, it goes back to the word ‘continue’ but never goes anywhere.

If I go to log into my account on the desktop I get this page the moment I log in.

When it has loaded, I am able to get halfway through the steps again before it won’t let me continue again

It has been like this for now 3 days and I can’t do anything. I have two accounts both are real and never had any real issues but they both are stuck in this funky little loop. I cant contact support or anything either because that require to log in and any attempt at login will revert back to complete the checkpoint.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? I would be greatly appreciative.

Login from the device you actually use

Both my phone and desktop are devices I use 24/7

Was able to magically somehow get one account back but the other is still stuck in the stupid groundhogs day situation

Bump. Still seeking any one that might be able to help. Willing to pay anyone who can help me get my main account freed from their bug

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Did you manage to get ur account back?

Yeah took about 5 months.

I used Live Chat support to help me through it