Fix your Restricted Facebook Payouts | Verify your Facebook Payouts (business/individual - Instream Ads, Performance Bonus)to recieve On-Hold payments | How to fix disabled/restricted Fb payouts

Service type: fix your Restricted, disabled, stuck Facebook payouts and recieve your on-Hold Facebook payments of Instream Ads or Performance Bonus Program - Verify your Identity / Business to recieve payments

Price: 50% of the amount ( payment upon recieving from facebook )


In August 2022 and 2023 Facebook’s Purge on all creators who were making money from Instream Ads, Ads on Reels, FB Performance Bonus Program.

Facebook Dissabled / Restricted Payouts and kept Millions of dollars On-Hold.

If you have a payout with Restrictions (Your payout account has been disabled due to unusual activity, please verify your business to recieve earnings)

I can fix those payouts that asks for business / individual verification.

Frequently asked questions:

How much time it will take to get payout fixed?

2-4 Weeks

When will we receive payment from FB?

If we fix it before 10th of every month, you will receive payments from fb on the schedule payout day (21 of every month)

When will you charge us?

I won’t charge you until I fix your payout and until you receive payments from Facebook.

Yes, I’ll take payment only when you GET PAID


These payouts are only restricted, not disabled, you should edit the title.

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Oh right! Thankyou man.

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Hi, sorry accepting payouts with stuck amount over $3K only.

Payouts with Business or Individual Verification restrictions - Hold payouts

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