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Service: Forbes Council Profile Created on with internal contact
Price: $3500 + FEES

Description: Forbes Counsel will charge a fee of $2650 USD (one year) $4500 (two years) plus a non refundable initiation fee of $600. - Paid to FORBES on set up

Included: Banners and official letter to share your membership to council, Expert Panels, quick media mentions, and full length articles.

**Service is to successfully set up your profile with concierge support. **
Your own council includes Publishing, networking, brand exposure and membership.

Once your profile is created your confirmation is as below:

✧ Swapd Fees are extra at VIP pricing.
✧ Forbes annual fee is paid to Forbes directly.
✧ All information provided for your submission are the sole responsibility of you.
✧ Content you post or publish is your own property as is your profile.
✧ Once the email is received as above your service is complete.
✧ All sales are final.

✯✯✯✯✯ 5 star reviews

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So what can you do with this profile?

As you see in the posting

You could probably charge people to publish about them/mention them
They have discounts to business products
Publishing articles
Also you can get published on their expert panels
They also give you a snazzy badge to throw on your email and banners

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interested in this! can i renew after 2 yrs and use it long term?

You bet!

do I have to be approved or does this service include 100% approval

Any prerequisites? Interested

100% approval as we have an insider.

DM me your Linkedin. If I see your profile is not ready I’ll tell you what to do before I submit you.