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Are you looking for a placement on Forbes (US Edition) to build authority for your brand?

Whether you want a brand mention for your brand or for yourself, we’re offering Forbes brand mention along with 1 backlink (Nofollow)+4-8 lines (i.e. around 100 words) of coverage along with the quote.

We have been offering Forbes and other US Top media publications since 2016. Have placed over 500 clients on Forbes successfully (till now).

Please NOTE-

✦ The article’s topic will be business/entrepreneurship/leadership based.
✦ The client will get to review the topics beforehand.
✦ The article will be handled by the editor/contributor at no extra cost.
✦ SWAPD fees will be there with the final discussed cost.
✦ The client will get the draft to review.
✦ The article will go live on Forbes.com (US edition)
✦ 100% Guaranteed Delivery after the website’s approval! Delivery in 4-6 weeks (max 8 weeks).
✦ Prices start as low as $1700.
✦ Full Feature articles are possible under the Lifestyle category. Will be written by Contributor or Staff (No sponsored tag).

Send us a message to get a complete list with pricing, delivery timeline, and queries!

Middle East how much

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PM me list? thanks

Here is the list- High Authority US Premium Outlets by Deep (LinkOceans) - Google Sheets

Let me know if you have any requirements.