[FRAUD - USER BANNED] Instagram Verification Services!

Hey everyone,
As most of you know- a friend of mine was hired at Instagram (posted details about some of his services and proof on my second to recent post)… he is able to do everything you can think of with Instagram including recovering banned accounts, gaining usernames, etc.

This post is for his most recent service- Instagram verification.
That’s right- he can verify any account: big or small.

Price (100k-350k follower account): $10,000
Price (350k-499k): $17,000
Price (500k-1MM): $22,500
Price (1MM+): $50,000

Prices are negotiable

Why would you want your account verified?

  • You get promotion offers like viruses. Big companies will also approach you looking for big deals. This is a great investment if you are looking to really make a lot of money on Instagram. And we are not talking about thousands of dollars… we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Whats the price for a small account then ie a few 1000 followers ?

Price (Under 100k): $8000

Remeber this verification stays for the life of the account… so you will grow super fast

still to much

sorry man its a premium service to get an account verified by instagram

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Hey how can we make this a premium feature! This is a must have for big accounts!

Is this a real service?

My thoughts would be this - it has to be super against IG corporate policy, right?

So if the guy doing it eventually gets caught, what are the chances that they’ll cancel the verifications that he implemented via his access (amongst reversing all the other stuff he did)?

I’d say pretty significant. Just some food for thought for those thinking of ponying up thousands of dollars…

First off, he has been doing this for a while now and has not been caught… he has developed a system that has worked for 2 years now. And Instagram has so many employees and users that it never notices one account being verified… Also, our verifications are covered for the life of your account so you are protected.

In your other post you said your friend was recently hired, now he’s apparently had a system developed thats worked for 2 years? Which is it? No hate just kinda confusing. (maybe its just the wording)

I meant that my friend started advertising his services (ones that I am advertising) recently… he has been working at Instagram for 2 years now

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Too many members are worried about these services. We will force the seller to do a sample for us, in meanwhile, we’re locking this topic.

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