Gay twitter adult

Gay Twitter Holiday sale

Amount of followers: 92K
Country of followers (majority): USA and Latin America
Topic/Niche: gay, onlyfans, gay guys , young adult guys
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow):


For more than 10 years this account has influenced legal gay guys with videos , pictures and promotions to elevate men and adult boys fantasies and engage on a healthy active sexy life creating awareness in sexual education and wellbeing. It is a great page for OF content

@onlyusernames or @Worldstar may want to buy


I legit seen this 30 minutes ago and thought about buying this for you @GOAT :gift:


Let me know if you’re interested :snowman_with_snow:

I’m interested if the price is good, I send you a PM. thanks!

Have you thought about it

Hey man what’s your offer

Let me know

I don’t want this. I said @onlyusernames or @Worldstar may want it. They like stuff like this

handle and price?

@hooper - hey found that page you were talking about. Sellers ready to open a ticket.

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They told me you bought it already :sweat_smile:


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No I almost did to reserve it for you. Seller said he would hold it for you, so we’re in the clear

Heard @holma is the highest bidder currently, he really wants to have this one it seems…

Trying to up sell it to @Amiri

New company is going great. Here is the money in AED, enough to buy a rolls-royce and a queer account as a valentines gift honey. Ly @holma :kissing_heart:

@gautam590 thanks for sourcing me a good car

I’ve heard that @Teal is ready to use it for own personal use

This is rupee

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United Arab Emirates Currency, AED

I have you, that’s enough for me :smiling_face: