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will do the first order on swapd for free for a review!

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can i try :nerd_face:

can i try :nerd_face: (diamond club member)

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no :rofl:

yes sure :slight_smile: contact me the details

can I try ? 100k posts read :thinking:

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yes you can! pm me… ( @onlyusernames did not contact me yet :slight_smile: )

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It’s too late, I already sent him a URL

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you know why ? I gave up because of you. you can get the free packet dudeee <3

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Thank you, I will donate to the RandyMarsh Charitable Foundation for this

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Vouch for this service!! Will definitely use again :star_struck: :star_struck:


I’m gonna buy it soon :fire:

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thank you! :white_check_mark:

Sure, happy to take your order :)!

Can you pm me the list of accounts

sure pm me

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bump! bulk orders are available!

list of @?