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Good Morning :sun_with_face: Hope I made it!


Yes please


Count me in please, thank you :moneybag: :slight_smile:


Done done done done!
28 TO GO!




Done! 27 to go!


If no one comes in next 10 minutes, all that is left will be distributed among old Members of the Month.


I think i am late


Hello there :slight_smile:


30 mins passed, waiting for more now :stuck_out_tongue:




My account is just 2 days old but Im commenting to show my support for such an important project.
I got here after searching google for “fameswap scam”, you saved me a few thousands dollars! so I can give up the 5$ slight_smile:


Too late for me :stuck_out_tongue:


23 TO GO!!!

@peaceandlove - Sorry! It wouldn’t be fair to bend the rules :slight_smile: Don’t worry, more rewards will be avaliable to you everyone soon.






For sure who says no to free money :joy:




I’m in! :raised_hands:t4:


20, 5 USD bills to go!