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  1. You can’t be a staff member.
  2. Your account has to be at least one week old.

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Relevant sources:
What is the SWAPD Rewards program?
Frequently asked questions
Program Rules
How to use the invite system (coming soon)


Yes please!


■■■■, should’ve opened 50 accounts a week ago.

I’ll take the 5 tho haha


yes yes


Done, done, done. 47 to go!


me too :slight_smile:


Oohhhh… did I make it :grin::grin::sunglasses::sunglasses:


As everyone’s prices now go up by $5 :joy::joy::joy: oof


Done, done. 45 to go! Thanks guys!


Give me my $5.


Sorry. Users from Pakistan do not qualify :smiley:


Just kidding. I love you. Giving you free money now!


44 TO GO!


I already see the headlines


Give me that Bill on which Mr Lincoln is sitting NUDE. Not asking for clean one.


What else can we give away while @MeG is gone? :joy::joy: I vote a 500k facebook fan page :joy::joy::sunglasses::sunglasses: excited to see the referral program up. Customer acquisition costs I assume will be lower with this method… maybe bring in more offerings and properties as it grows! Love it


Mr Lincoln is reportedly 98% odds of either being covered in cocaine or ass juice from a club if it came from the state’s lol… my wife always looks at me funny when i have a bunch of 5’s or 1’s… I always try to tell her that’s actually proof I didn’t go to the club… otherwise I wouldn’t have 5s or 1s left :joy::joy::joy::joy:


He already gave away a big page once, if my memory serves me correctly


Yes please :heart_eyes:


Sometimes we give away pages. Yes :smiley: