Get Featured On Google News Instantly

Service type: Instant Article Publishing on Fox Interviewer, with 3500 views on Your article.
Price: $60

Description: You can send your written articles to get featured on Fox Interviewer on Instant notes.
Fox Interviewer is a Google News fast indexing website, and is also a twitter verified news channel.
You can add upto 10, do-follow links. No Disclaimer added. Choose any category.

News Site:


Once order started, you have to send the written article to us, with featured image to be used.
Your work is delivered in 10mins of order acceptation.

If you want to get article writer for you. The service cost is different. For writing on person : $20, for Brand: $30 (The quality is A1)

Writing is provided in 60mins of the order acceptation.


A happy gesture is always welcomed with great notes!

Payment Via: ETH,BTC,USDT

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