Get Full Feature Article on LA Weekly and 4 complimentary sites at $450 || TOP PUBLICATION || Full Feature Premium Publication + #1 [ON-TIME DELIVERY] 100% effective in VERIFICATION


Sent sites in inbox

It’s the best offer more than 10 orders punched

More discount?! Is this guaranteed to verify a Facebook page/account?!

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Check inbox message


Price dropped to $350+fees


what’s all the sites?

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Is the $375 offer still valid?

What are the other sites + is crypto niche accepted?

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Check inbox

Do the publications have an Author on each one? Do the publications have paid promo/ad written on it? Are these verified sources?

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All are verified sources. A lot of websites are non disclaimer and authored. Check DM I’ve sent you a list

Perfect. Can I see the other complimentary sites please. Looking to order asap

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Uncounted successful tickets done. Best prices are one message away. DM Now.

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