Get your verified WhatsApp channel

If you are verified on instagram or Facebook you can get your verified WhatsApp channel by filling out this form. WhatsApp Channels Creation


The form is closed - is there another way?

They stopped taking anymore entries today. Unfortunately there is no other way for now.

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The link doesn’t work my friend

I managed to get a channel verified and got a confirmation email. No idea how to find it though :joy:

Bro it will be in the status tab on WhatsApp. Usually it shows up within 24 hours of getting the confirmation

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Unfortunately, The form isn’t work anymore

Yea bro they stopped taking any more entries yesterday

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Will it open again?

I don’t think so

This has been closed. There is no other way?

Guess this is fixed

We got the way to get your channel verified,just check out our topic and let’s start a ticket :smile:

Can anyone unban whatsapp