Gmail, you've won. We give up

@pmdy - Not sure.

@Ryan- No.


What email should we use? Hotmail? Yahoo?

ProtonMail (for now)


I think proton is the most simple in all & safe

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Would it not be easier buying a domain name specifically for the account, then when you are selling it, it comes with the domain name (so it comes with the OG)

Is it because the email has been accessed several times within a short period from different ips? Surely, an option to try would be to delay the changing of the account by something like 14 days. For example:

  • Seller gives credentials to swapd
  • Swapd changes credentials 7/14 days later
  • Swapd gives credentials 14 days later
  • Buyer logs in

Yes, its not ideal if this is a workaround, and is a lengthy process, but surely this is a better alternative than offering no protection via a middleman service such as yourself. Swapd is all about quality, and for me I wouldn’t mind waiting a month for a property to be exchanged if the property was of a particular quality. Quick flips with Gmail are dead, but I’m almost certain that a lengthy process would alleviate their automatic systems flagging the account.

Although, I would agree. Swapd has expressed difficulties previously regarding ProtonMail: PSA: Stop using Gmail for your new projects, not worth the trouble if you're planning to sell your asset later - #17 by SWAPD

Yes, and no. You can factor this into your price, but this is additional cost. However, the major concern is that a lot of users buying the account will not want to pay a yearly fee to keep the domain running just for a email serrvice. So, although its a great idea it does limit you to certain buyers. Although, high quality accounts shoud be worth more than a few dollars every year to keep running.


We can give your idea as a second option. But I seriously doubt anyone will be willing to wait 30 days.

That was just a extreme example. It might well just take 2 days, 3 days, 7 days, This is something you’d have to experiment with, preferably not with clients properties, but with gmails created specifically for this purpose. Try to emulate it, via Instagram password reset emails etc.

I think people serious about their business would be willing to pay a couple of dollars a year to get the clock ticking.

Heck, swapd could buy a little domain reseller and do it inclusively so people who don’t know how to, could do it easily here.


OK. Here is my idea.

Anyone peddling Gmails will be ridiculed by everyone :smiley: On top of that, transfers would go as follows:

  1. We tell the seller to create a ProtonMail.
  2. We tell the seller to switch from Gmail to ProtonMail.
  3. We then secure the property + proton mail.
  4. Then we ask the seller to move the Gmail directly to the buyer, and give the buyer detailed instructions on how to secure it.

This somewhat helps us vet the accounts (at least). What do y’all think? Yes? No? Or ban @RandyMarsh?


For a YouTube channel, isn’t the Gmail the same as the YouTube login?

No, we transfer YouTube properties via band pages.

It’s a good idea but I’d select ban yair!

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Would be awesome but have to make sure the seller cannot get back into it

What if lets say the gmail is blocked on the way can u enter with proton mail?

Protonmail is an alternative to Gmail, and therefore if a Gmail account is disabled, you won’t be able to access it via ProtonMail. The recommendation currently, is to only deal with Gmail accounts if absolutely nessary, and look to alternative services such as ProtonMail.

I am actually thinking this method is the best at the moment, this way we do have some oversight, the seller makes the changes so it’s seen on the other end as an approved move, which should lower the overall risk.

What if both parties claim they dont have access to the og gmail?

Don’t understand.