God-Tier OG Instagram Shop (1,000$-100,000$)

Best List of OG Instagram Usernames

Hello everyone! Hope you all are in good spirits while reading this post. Today I have complied a list of usernames that I am selling. These are hands down some of the BEST OG’s you have ever seen, some of these usernames have never touched com & are completely brand new.

Accounts Information:

  • Usernames on this list vary from 1,000$ - 100,000$ if your budget is less than 1k please do not message me as we would be wasting both our time
  • All these usernames have been checked by me to ensure they have not been Hacked, Bruted or Scammed. Rest assured I will be very transparent with all the accounts listed.
  • Some OG’s Listed on sale may not have OGE. However, they are all extremely secure on aged accounts or you are free to swap the use to a fresh account.


  • When messaging me please mention your budget.
  • There are no Semi’s or random 4L in this list! Mainly intended for big budget users
  • Please be respectful to both of our time, don’t dm me just because you’re “curious”

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Are you proxying them or do you actually OWN these accounts yourself.

Send list please!


Welcome G :rocket: Worked with him a lot off-site, Amazing person! GLWS :star2:

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PM me the lost budget 1k to 1200$

Please send the full list


DM list, please


Can send me list of 1/2k budget ? Thx y

Could you please share the list? Thank you!