Google Knowledge Panel + IMDb page + 50 positive reviews to your Google Business Panel (all for only $300)

Service type:
Price: 300+ swapd


We create a Google knowledge panel (digital ID card “permanent”) for you. When people type your name and surname into Google, you will appear before them as a famous and brand name. Then we open your IMDb page. And if you own a business, we send 50 positive reviews regardless of your business category. All accounts can be female if you wish. If you want to receive comments from local guide accounts, you can also specify this.

Process: 1-3 days

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can u send me some examples of it

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Film director;
Umut Ertek Umut Ertek - Google Search

Movie productor;
Kadir Gülnahar Kadir Gülnahar - Google Search

Business person;
Hicabi PALA Hicabi PALA - Google Search

Metin Durmaz Metin Durmaz - Google Search

Nejdet Tiskaoğlu Nejdet Tiskaoğlu - Google Search

IMDb page;

and is this also considered google knowledge panel


As you said yes, we open your Google knowledge panel in the profession you want and transfer it to Google with the right move.

Thanks to your Google Knowledge Panel, you can constantly interact with your Fans, Followers or Customers through Updates and Announcements by publishing new developments in your life and career, events, stories, GiFs, Videos, Photos. You should create your information card so that your target audience searching for you on Google can find you, not your presence on social media. Currently, even professions such as dermatologists, psychologists, and lawyers order from us off-site. Reliable You have to have the right person ID and this means people will search you on Google.

do u have first time discounts

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You want me to give a discount, do I understand correctly?

Send example of reviews

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There are references above, what exactly do you want and how can I help you?

Can you do this for a company?

We provide information panel services to all professions such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians, psychologists, trainers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, internet celebrities, producers, directors, actors, singers and composers, and subsequently to companies such as companies, agencies and holdings.

Have you done any producers?

I didn’t understand what you said, can you repeat it?

Have you done anything for producers?

Yes of course

Kadir Gülnahar Kadir Gülnahar - Google Search