Google knowledge panel

Service type: Create a Google knowledge panel
Price: $450


I can get a Google knowledge panel created within 2 weeks for you. I need

  1. A few press articles
  2. Your personal website (ideally)

If you want me to claim it and finish the full edit for you, I can do that at no cost. We will need the following screenshots from you

  1. Screenshot of you logged in to your social media profiles
  2. A selfie of you holding your ID

If you don’t have any press, that can be managed for an extra $240.

Payment methods - PayPal, TW, Bank Wire

No prepayment for VIP members!

How come you make a unique services post with EXACTLY what I asked on my buyers request post you responded to, but you quoted me $90 more And you’re offering the same thing? I’m confused…

Why am I being tagged here? Please don’t tag me for issues not related to me. Users are free to quote whoever they want for the amount they deem fit. Thank you.

I have edited the post. Please DM me for any issues.

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