Gray Badge verification service/pages - does it have clients?

If I have a few new pages with Gray badge is there an audience of buyers for that?
or, a service that provides you with a new page with the name you want & gray badge on it.

I honestly never sold anything like that and I’m just wondering if people actually looking to buy stuff like this and what are the prices?


I know there used to be a demand for verified accounts, but with the recent Facebook fiasco, I am not sure.

And what was the prices? do you know?

Depends one amount of followers. Last year I was able to sell 100K verified accounts for 5-10K USD. But that was last year. Now, who knows.

Gray/Blue badge?

And I’m talking about new pages at the moment. 10 likes or something. pages that are already ready with a name I’ve chose or a custom name

Oh. Well, last year pages like that sold for 1-3K per page, providing you’re able to get a custom name.

That’s great then. :slight_smile:

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