Grow Fast On Instagram ($150)

Service type:Instagram Mentoring

Description:I will teach you how you can hit the Explore Page on Instagram fast even with static images. It is believed that you require at least over 2K - 3K followers to get on the Explore Page, well that’s not the case in this short mentoring program.

(I promise you’ll see results within the first 2 weeks after taking this Mentorship)

I’ll be focusing on Instagram theme pages and not Personal or Brand accounts and the techniques can be applied to any niche provided that it’s a theme page.

What you’ll find in here is some of my own techniques combined with what I’ve been thought which I’ll be sharing with you to build a successful theme page at the end of the day.

What is the requirements?

  • Fresh or clean Instagram account so that you can follow along

  • A text editor like Wordpad or Notepad to save some notes

  • Willingness to learn

.What is the duration of this program?

The duration is set for 3 days in the ticket, but the program is much shorter. Should you have any further questions? You can ask me on the 3rd day.

What can you expect from this program?

  • This program will enable you to offer your own services and work behind the scenes like any Social Media Guru

  • You should be able to work with any theme page and grow it organically without the need of promotions or engagement groups.

  • You’ll know how to model any Instagram the right way for success.

  • How to find targeted followers the easy way and let them help you grow.

Here’s what I’ll teach you:

  • Proper Market Research to find the best content for growth (2 ways)

  • How you can find Trending Hashtags For Free for your niche (Cost Free)

  • What you need To Avoid when posting because this is crucial

  • Another tip you need to avoid that won’t let you grow as much

  • Find the right fresh targeted followers for your niches that’s active (right now)

  • A simple yet powerful method that will create instant connection with your target followers

  • How a boring looking video may still go viral with the right sound

  • What you need to include for extra growth that most people on Instagram avoid.

  • A simple yet powerful secret that will Increase Your Reach

  • And much much more

I need to make a disclaimer before you take this program. I will not be focusing on content creation and how to use editing programs.

I do have a section for REELS creation which you can find in my profile.

Here’s some results from an account that I grew it has only 3K followers and has already reached over 20M people surprisingly and the engagement is top notch.

Duration for this mentorship is 3 Days
You’ll have life time support even after the Mentorship is done.

Payment: PayPal/BTC/ETH/LTC

Can you create reels for me?

Yes I can create reels

Can you make me rap ones no copy roght that will help my page go viral

Do you have your own content for me to help you with that?

I have questions if you can DM

Check your DM

Hey anyone can vouch for bluesub? Bluesub i have a few personal brands I work for and we had a few go viral but nothing spectacular. really interested in seeing if i can get my clients accounts consistently to the next level…

Pm me

I am able to help with your clients account, but this is not a service. It’s a mentorship program to help you grow your own account and clients.

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For sure and that is more of what I am looking for. Let me get my schedule to free up and be in touch.

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Looking forward to work with you