Guaranteed Facebook & Instagram Verifications Including PR (Cheapest & Quickest Verifications on SWAPD)

Taking new orders, let’s goooo

PM me bro $$$$$

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@boogeyman you always take my page link and never comeback :thinking:

yeah cause your page doest have PR, I’m still working on a package which has been hectic but I’m almost there.

Taking new orders without pre-payments as usual!

No extra charges according to account niche, no discounts cause hey I’m already the cheapest in here


can i have a price for cerify page ?

ive been waiting on boogey for almost a month

but you have to have PR. I dont this why its taking while,

Yep, need PR done first, the PR process is lengthy.

I do not sell verified pages.

Hi, did you get my PM

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yep, replied back to you!

I sent you a PM.

Hey @boogeyman , I have been waiting for 3 months. Please reply. Thank you and much appreciated.

Bro, I can’t verify without PR and I can’t verify + do the PR for $2k which you asked me to do, I don’t want to give false hope to people, I do not have enough sites on my list right now that’d work for Instagram Verifications.


pm please

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@boogeyman just got three imposter accounts that have been pretending to be my business for well over two years taken down. The best part is he did it super fast, in like two days time. He’s the real deal from my view and I will go to him in the future for usernames, verification, and anything IG related. His customer service is also top notch on here. Thanks again for the quick turn around!


Boogey is a someone who is willing to take the time to answer your questions. Verification is not easy but boogey makes it possible and safe. Hard things cost money. His price with PR very good. Cant be found anywhere